Dentistry as an Emerging Branch for Welfare of Society

Dentistry is a branch of medical science that deals with all the diseases or conditions affecting teeth, oral mucosa and bones of face. It is a potential emerging branch providing health care to the society. In older times, dentistry was not as developed as it is now because earlier people were least bothered about their oral health but nowadays with increase in awareness in the society and with the rising standards of people in the society, it has become an obligation to have best looking teeth by every means.

So for this reason, keeping in view the increasing demand of dentistry by the society, many clinics have opened in different parts all over the world and one such clinic providing oral health care to the society is centre d’implant St-Onge. Earlier people used to go to any dentist for their tooth problem but nowadays patients tend to go to specialist dentists for the particular problem in their teeth.

Various sub specialities in dentistry

Earlier people used to think that one can visit any dentist for any dental problem but that trend is changing in present because of increasing awareness about the various sub specialities in dentistry. So people tend to go to a specialist dentist just like the medical field. Following is a brief detail about the various sub specialities in dentistry:

  • Oral medicine and radiology: This branch of dentistry deals with diagnosis of the condition or disease of mouth and refers the patient to respective department. It also deals with treatment of mucosal diseases and all the x-rays related to mouth and surrounding structures.
  • Conservative dentistry: This branch of dentistry deals with the procedures like dental fillings, root canal treatments, build up of broken teeth and similar.
  • Periodontics: This branch of dentistry deals with tooth cleaning procedures and bleeding gum problems. This branch deals with health of gums and maintains the hygiene of mouth.

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery: this branch of dentistry deals with the teeth extractions and difficult removal of third molars which are embedded in bone. It also deals with treatment of jaw fractures, surgeries for cyst or tumor removal from bone.
  • Orthodontics: This branch of dentistry deals with the correction of malaligned teeth and helps the patients to give a healthy smile by moving teeth with the help of wires and braces.
  • Prosthodontics: This branch deals with replacement of missing teeth.
  • Pedodontics: This branch deals with all the teeth related problems of children.


Post Author: Norris Neal